Tuesday, 4 December 2018

See who will be visiting more than a person's Facebook profile without practical application



See who will be visiting more than a person's Facebook profile without practical application

Humans are just interesting. Occasionally, who are serious about knowing who are visiting me on a regular basis in my profile? We will learn by using several apps. But most of times we have suffered self deprecation. These apps have loads of hacking links. As soon just like you click, your access might be accessed by someone else's fretting hand. And all your important data will be leaked. Hence curious, I suppressed by myself will. And you aren't required to suppress your will. Today we will highlight how without using every apps, you know who a person's profile is silently visiting and who will be visiting more.

Take one or two simple steps to address your curiosity.

  • First log in using your mail and password in your Facebook account.
  • Enter your special profile now.
  •  Secure the mouse on this website and press Ctrl + U with the keyboard simultaneously, in another tab you will notice the source code within your profile.
  •  Press CTRL + M from the keyboard with the mouse. A search box will appear from for you to search for those web sites. {"list": Enter ENTER.
  • {"list": After the text you will see many ID numbers that are separated by commas. The first thing you can see is that the friend is the most visited of your profile, his profile ID.
  • Now you might think that ID number is no longer recognizable. It is a friend of yours. No, there is no reason to worry about you. Open a new tab by copying an ID. Then follow the below rules.

Now open a new tab and enter https://www.facebook.com/ Desired_Id at the address bar.

Copy and paste the ID that you want to see here in the place of Desired_Id.

Now notice that you can recognize the ID whose ID is coming after pressing the ENTER button?

Thus, by copying an ID and entering the link shown above you will see who are visiting your profile..