Tuesday, 4 December 2018

7 buried iPhone features that Apple have not told you about

  7 buried iPhone features that Apple have not told you about


7 buried iPhone features that Apple have not told you about


Numbers, at the beginning for the worldwide global developer national gathering, Apple iOS 9 showed a large amount of great new features, they left a portion of the list. Probably because of times restrictions. Now iOS 9 has gone out for quite a while, we want to advise you everything about the software - together with about battery life and additionally caller ID suggestions.

See how much iOS 9's progress have been made if you suffer from not downloaded it at this point, and who have improved, check that you will not know anything unknown. But before upgrading make sure you backup your phone.

Lowercase laptop

Finally, you can switch back and forth between an upper and additionally lowercase keyboard. A blessing for the dog that constantly writes text on the message.

Search in locations

Looking for a targeted setting quickly? You can just clear the Settings app and additionally type a word to be had. With that you becomes your useful settings opportunity.

Proactive investigation

Promoting Search is mostly a new feature. Swipe left and discover get new proactive look, but you can still swipe down to acquire the normal search bar.

cutting edge folder notes of new iphone4 notes folder

The new feature is actually added to iOS 9 along with being the Note folder. Will also be possible to sort different notes on the Notes folder.

Message inside the touch photo

Previously all the iPhone 6 Plus was first only available, all the iPhone will eventually take advantage of the look of those microscopic contagious picture bubbles, it gives the opportunity to become more personalized experience with texting.

New font

Although the Apple and additionally Helvetica Neue fonts can not be used, the whole for the new San Francisco font would be used.

old iPhone vs new iPhone Works with older iPhone, compatible by means of any device

Any Apple users have the opportunity to download iOS 9 without the need to worry about it aiding their phone speed, or they won't be forced to upgrade towards new version of at ease with their old devices.

This is some unknown information everyone knew about Apple. Basically these information is related to iOS 9, but if you suffer from something to say approximately Apple, then comment. We want to be ask you to stay with us and get the opportunity to know someone by tweeting all the share.